PetRecon is a free service that sends out text messages and email alerts to members whenever a registered pet in their area goes missing. I assisted in the development of the original, ASP-based version of PetRecon, mostly as a graphic designer and tester, but in December I finished a complete reboot of the site, personally redesigning and rebuilding it in PHP with WordPress. I wrote all the theme and plugin code that makes the site work, including an importer to bring old users into the new system, with necessary information updates.

The Stones & Bones Collection

This project required a lot of graphics and programming to get it exactly the way the client wanted, with display controls tying into the underlying WooCommerce system. Stones & Bones had been operating online since 1995, so their website was due for a major update.

After launch, we received quite a few feature requests that I was able to quickly add to what I had already built. One of my favorite projects all around!

Zane Jones

Zane Jones is a web designer who specializes in WordPress sites and front end development. Read more…

You can also click on the tiles to see a sampling of Zane’s work. Thanks for reading!

Method One Communications

Method1 asked us to build them a new website that was more mobile-friendly than their old one, while still keeping the flashiness of their old, Flash-dependent site. The end result is a stylish, brightly animated site that fits their aesthetic without limiting accessibility.

West Virginia Tractor Company

WV Tractor doesn’t actually sell any products via their website, but I did make some interesting work to display their inventory the way they wanted, modifying WooCommerce to disable any actual shopping but retaining its easy product management system, while using Advanced Custom Fields to provide custom fields for their specific product data needs.


The West Virginia Infant/Toddler Specialist Network needed a website to promote the WV Infant/Toddler Professional Development Program, and distribute the WV Early Learning Standards Framework for Infants/Toddlers.

If that sounds like a mouthful, it was. But, I was able to provide them with a clean, fresh-looking WordPress site that communicates the professionalism and cheer of their mission.

Wholesale Tires, LLC

Wholesale Tires wanted a new website that would allow them to sell used tires online, so I built them a WordPress site with WooCommerce, set up to accommodate their needs, including the ability to search their online inventory by tire dimensions.  Recently, I added a system for bulk purchases meant for other retailers.

A2Mation, LLC

A2Mation is a sister-company or spin-off from another one of my projects, Design Controls, and although the sites are very similar, the processes that went into them were very different. As a new company, A2Mation needed a completely new brand identity, so I worked with owner over many revisions to get precisely the look he wanted.

The Buckskin Council

The Buckskin Council is a regional branch of the Boy Scouts of America, incorporating troops throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. When I was brought onto the project, their site was a basic Kentico install with disorganized information and grainy images, so I presented their administrative board with a plan for tackling the site’s many problems, while taking their feedback to determine what new features and revisions.

I gave them a major visual overhaul, and I’ve been providing ongoing content updates sent to me by Council and District staff ever since, as well as consulted with them on a couple other web initiatives.